How can I manage anxiety during a pandemic?

Know that it’s okay to have anxiety. You’re not alone.

The first step to mastering your anxiety is to recognize what it is when it happens. Instead of ignoring it and letting it build up and take over, simply note the anxiety as soon as you feel the buzzing in your heart, the spinning in your brain: This is anxiety.

  • As scary as it may seem, facing your fears will provide a sense of relief
  • Be easy on yourself. Some days will be worse than others.
  • Learn and practice ways to calm and center yourself

It also should be noted that not all anxiety can be self-managed — that’s why mental health professionals exist. If the worrying and sleeplessness feel out of control, or you’re suffering from constant panic attacks — or if you are using alcohol or drugs to cope, or have other mental health concerns — call your primary care doctor to put you in touch with a mental health care professional.

How to Get Through This Crisis

In exceptional circumstances, we need a philosophy that can help us hold on to our sanity and sense of perspective. Here is The School of Life's suggestions for how to survive the crisis emotionally.

Anxiety: What You Should Know - Especially During Coronavirus Outbreak

There's a lot of anxiety surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Here's advice from a psychologist on what you should know right now. A a legitimate, thorough understanding of anxiety is crucial right now in maintaining your mental health.This video alls sheds light on when to know if anxiety becomes clinical, and how to cope with it.

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