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Countries doing well and not so well

Last updated 28 Nov 2020
Graphs show a 7 day rolling average of daily new cases of COVID-19.
Doing well
Getting there
Not doing well
30 green countries are keeping case numbers low with very few new daily cases.
33 orange countries are declining with fewer daily new cases but still need to do more.
83 red countries are either going up, staying constantly high or going down too slow.
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Total cases
Avg. new daily
Population size
Total cases 27,874
Avg new daily 10
Total cases 2,974
Avg new daily 15
Burkina Faso
Total cases 2,777
Avg new daily 11
Total cases 677
Avg new daily 4
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COVID-19 tests per case snapshots

Last updated 28 Nov 2020
Graphs show a rolling 7 day average of daily new cases of COVID-19 with tests per case overlay.
Doing well
Getting there
Not doing well
10 green countries are keeping case numbers low with very few new daily cases.
18 orange countries are declining with fewer daily new cases but still need to do more.
57 red countries are either going up, staying constantly high or going down too slow.
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Total cases
Avg. new daily
Population size
Tests per case
Tests per case 354
Total cases 27,874
Avg new daily 10
Tests per case 1,743
Total cases 91,790
Avg new daily 9
Côte d'Ivoire
Tests per case 10
Total cases 21,199
Avg new daily 15
Tests per case 5
Total cases 17,341
Avg new daily 0

COVID-19 infection rate over the last 30 days

Last updated 28 Nov 2020
To control the outbreak it needs to be kept below 1.0
Below 1
Above 1
23 countries are keeping infection rate below 1 in the past two weeks.
27 countries are keeping infection rate around 1 in the past two weeks.
85 countries are not keeping infection rate under 1 in the past two weeks.
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Total cases
Avg. new daily
Infection rate
Population size
Infection rate 0.51
Total cases 14,821
Avg new daily 82
Infection rate 0.86
Total cases 270k
Avg new daily 5,074
Infection rate 0.75
Total cases 570k
Avg new daily 2,367
Infection rate 0.79
Total cases 1,661
Avg new daily 5
Afghanistan45,616 cases
Albania36,245 cases
Algeria79,110 cases
Andorra6,610 cases
Angola14,821 cases
Anguilla4 cases
Antigua and Barbuda141 cases
Argentina1,407,264 cases
Armenia133,594 cases
Aruba4,808 cases
Australia27,874 cases
Austria269,510 cases
Azerbaijan109,813 cases
Bahamas7,496 cases
Bahrain86,515 cases
Bangladesh458,711 cases
Barbados270 cases
Belarus131,633 cases
Belgium569,546 cases
Belize5,587 cases
Benin2,974 cases
Bermuda242 cases
Bhutan395 cases
Bolivia144,494 cases
Caribbean Netherlands161 cases
Bosnia and Herzegovina85,431 cases
Botswana9,992 cases
Brazil6,238,350 cases
British Virgin Islands72 cases
Brunei150 cases
Bulgaria139,955 cases
Burkina Faso2,777 cases
Burundi677 cases
Cambodia307 cases
Cameroon24,022 cases
Canada359,064 cases
Cape Verde10,526 cases
Cayman Islands269 cases
Central African Republic4,913 cases
Chad1,661 cases
Chile547,223 cases
China91,790 cases
Colombia1,290,510 cases
Comoros610 cases
Republic of the Congo5,632 cases
Costa Rica137,093 cases
Côte d'Ivoire21,199 cases
Croatia119,706 cases
Cuba8,110 cases
Curacao2,157 cases
Cyprus9,983 cases
Czechia515,984 cases
Democratic Republic of the Congo12,469 cases
Denmark76,718 cases
Djibouti5,676 cases
Dominica85 cases
Dominican Republic141,777 cases
Ecuador189,534 cases
Egypt114,832 cases
El Salvador38,405 cases
Equatorial Guinea5,146 cases
Eritrea566 cases
Estonia11,323 cases
Ethiopia108,438 cases
Faroe Islands500 cases
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)17 cases
Fiji38 cases
Finland23,766 cases
France2,196,199 cases
French Polynesia13,883 cases
Gabon9,191 cases
Gambia3,731 cases
Georgia127,942 cases
Germany1,028,089 cases
Ghana51,225 cases
Gibraltar999 cases
Greece101,287 cases
Greenland18 cases
Grenada41 cases
Guam6,782 cases
Guatemala121,132 cases
Guernsey286 cases
Guinea13,039 cases
Guinea-Bissau2,422 cases
Guyana5,310 cases
Haiti9,264 cases
Honduras107,134 cases
Hungary204,708 cases
Iceland5,346 cases
India9,351,109 cases
Indonesia522,581 cases
Iran922,397 cases
Iraq547,215 cases
Ireland71,699 cases
Isle of Man369 cases
Israel333,802 cases
Italy1,538,217 cases
Jamaica10,600 cases
Japan142,068 cases
Jersey928 cases
Jordan207,601 cases
Kazakhstan171,979 cases
Kenya81,656 cases
Kosovo37,792 cases
Kuwait141,876 cases
Kyrgyzstan71,971 cases
Laos39 cases
Latvia15,808 cases
Lebanon123,982 cases
Lesotho2,109 cases
Liberia1,595 cases
Libya81,273 cases
Liechtenstein1,273 cases
Lithuania58,212 cases
Luxembourg33,409 cases
Macedonia59,701 cases
Madagascar17,341 cases
Malawi6,024 cases
Malaysia61,861 cases
Maldives12,933 cases
Mali4,567 cases
Malta9,501 cases
Marshall Islands4 cases
Mauritania8,426 cases
Mauritius501 cases
Mexico1,078,594 cases
Moldova104,140 cases
Monaco603 cases
Mongolia760 cases
Montenegro33,836 cases
Montserrat13 cases
Morocco345,276 cases
Mozambique15,506 cases
Myanmar86,633 cases
Namibia14,207 cases
Nepal229,343 cases
Netherlands508,243 cases
New Caledonia32 cases
New Zealand1,694 cases
Nicaragua5,784 cases
Niger1,472 cases
Nigeria67,220 cases
Northern Mariana Islands104 cases
Norway34,747 cases
Oman122,579 cases
Pakistan392,356 cases
Palestine90,732 cases
Panama161,744 cases
Papua New Guinea645 cases
Paraguay80,436 cases
Peru958,324 cases
Philippines425,918 cases
Poland958,416 cases
Portugal285,838 cases
Puerto Rico89,253 cases
Qatar138,250 cases
Romania457,848 cases
Russia2,242,633 cases
Rwanda5,872 cases
Saint Kitts and Nevis22 cases
Saint Lucia246 cases
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines85 cases
San Marino1,554 cases
São Tomé and Príncipe985 cases
Saudi Arabia356,691 cases
Senegal15,981 cases
Serbia155,994 cases
Seychelles173 cases
Sierra Leone2,410 cases
Singapore58,199 cases
Sint Maarten1,053 cases
Slovakia103,106 cases
Slovenia72,674 cases
Solomon Islands17 cases
Somalia4,445 cases
South Africa781,941 cases
South Korea33,375 cases
South Sudan3,092 cases
Spain1,628,208 cases
Sri Lanka22,501 cases
Sudan16,864 cases
Suriname5,311 cases
Swaziland6,362 cases
Sweden243,129 cases
Switzerland317,017 cases
Syria7,635 cases
Taiwan648 cases
Tajikistan12,082 cases
Tanzania509 cases
Thailand3,966 cases
Timor-Leste30 cases
Togo2,926 cases
Trinidad and Tobago6,586 cases
Tunisia93,770 cases
Turkey481,198 cases
Turks and Caicos Islands748 cases
Uganda19,588 cases
Ukraine693,407 cases
United Arab Emirates165,250 cases
United Kingdom1,589,301 cases
United States13,091,758 cases
U.S. Virgin Islands1,521 cases
Uruguay5,303 cases
Uzbekistan72,409 cases
Vanuatu1 cases
Vatican26 cases
Venezuela101,215 cases
Vietnam1,339 cases
Wallis and Futuna3 cases
Western Sahara766 cases
Yemen2,148 cases
Zambia17,569 cases
Zimbabwe9,714 cases
World61,715,119 cases
International696 cases

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COVID-19 pandemic timeline

A comprehensive timeline of the new coronavirus pandemic, from China's first COVID-19 case to the present
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