Which countries are testing well and doing well?

COVID-19 tests per case snapshots

Last updated 13 Aug 2020
Graphs show a rolling 7 day average of daily new cases of COVID-19 with tests per case overlay.
Doing well
Getting there
Not doing well
7 green countries are keeping case numbers low with very few new daily cases.
19 orange countries are declining with fewer daily new cases but still need to do more.
47 red countries are either going up, staying constantly high or going down too slow.
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Total cases
Avg. new daily
Population size
Tests per case
Tests per case 56
Total cases 7,642
Avg new daily 19
Tests per case 117
Total cases 9,114
Avg new daily 11
New Zealand
Tests per case 406
Total cases 1,238
Avg new daily 5
Tests per case 139
Total cases 2,189
Avg new daily 14
Tests per case 116
Total cases 3,356
Avg new daily 1
Tests per case 44
Total cases 1,092
Avg new daily 12
Tests per case 226
Total cases 1,332
Avg new daily 16
These countries have less than or equal to 20 average new reported daily cases, and not at early stage of transimission.
These countries are keeping infection rate under 1 in the past 10 days, and have less than 1,000 average new daily cases.
These countries are not controlling infection rate well in the past 10 days, or have more than or equal to 1,000 average new daily cases.

Graphs are countries with population above 4 million and reported case number more than 1000.
Data:Our World in Data...

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