What is the COVID-19 situation in Sudan?

Situation overview for Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020
These are confirmed cases only. Actual infections may vary as testing regimes never track everyone.
Active 44.5%
Recoveries 49.4%
Death 6.1%
Data:Our World in Data..., Johns Hopkins...
Aruba4,334 cases
Afghanistan40,287 cases
Angola7,622 cases
Albania17,350 cases
Andorra3,623 cases
United Arab Emirates116,517 cases
Argentina1,002,649 cases
Armenia65,460 cases
Antigua and Barbuda119 cases
Australia27,399 cases
Austria66,611 cases
Azerbaijan45,295 cases
Burundi549 cases
Belgium229,737 cases
Benin2,496 cases
Caribbean Netherlands150 cases
Burkina Faso2,387 cases
Bangladesh390,206 cases
Bulgaria30,527 cases
Bahrain78,224 cases
Bahamas5,773 cases
Bosnia and Herzegovina34,661 cases
Belarus88,290 cases
Belize2,833 cases
Bermuda185 cases
Bolivia139,890 cases
Brazil5,250,727 cases
Barbados222 cases
Brunei147 cases
Bhutan330 cases
Botswana5,609 cases
Central African Republic4,856 cases
Canada201,437 cases
Switzerland83,159 cases
Chile493,305 cases
China91,006 cases
Côte d'Ivoire20,324 cases
Cameroon21,506 cases
Democratic Republic of the Congo11,051 cases
Republic of the Congo5,156 cases
Colombia965,883 cases
Comoros502 cases
Cape Verde7,800 cases
Costa Rica97,075 cases
Cuba6,258 cases
Curacao751 cases
Cayman Islands235 cases
Cyprus2,687 cases
Czechia181,962 cases
Germany373,167 cases
Djibouti5,469 cases
Denmark35,844 cases
Dominican Republic121,667 cases
Algeria54,616 cases
Ecuador153,423 cases
Egypt105,547 cases
Eritrea452 cases
Western Sahara766 cases
Spain974,449 cases
Estonia4,085 cases
Ethiopia89,860 cases
Finland13,555 cases
France910,277 cases
Faroe Islands485 cases
Gabon8,884 cases
United Kingdom741,212 cases
Georgia18,663 cases
Guernsey258 cases
Ghana47,372 cases
Gibraltar577 cases
Guinea11,518 cases
Gambia3,655 cases
Guinea-Bissau2,389 cases
Equatorial Guinea5,070 cases
Greece25,802 cases
Guatemala101,599 cases
Guam3,756 cases
Guyana3,765 cases
Honduras89,381 cases
Croatia25,973 cases
Haiti8,976 cases
Hungary48,757 cases
Indonesia365,240 cases
Isle of Man348 cases
India7,597,063 cases
Ireland50,993 cases
Iran534,631 cases
Iraq430,678 cases
Iceland4,101 cases
Israel304,876 cases
Italy423,578 cases
Jamaica8,321 cases
Jersey509 cases
Jordan38,937 cases
Japan93,480 cases
Kazakhstan145,603 cases
Kenya45,076 cases
Kyrgyzstan52,910 cases
Cambodia285 cases
South Korea25,333 cases
Kuwait116,832 cases
Lebanon62,944 cases
Liberia1,381 cases
Libya49,949 cases
Liechtenstein227 cases
Sri Lanka5,625 cases
Lesotho1,833 cases
Lithuania7,726 cases
Luxembourg10,888 cases
Latvia3,494 cases
Morocco175,749 cases
Monaco268 cases
Moldova67,302 cases
Madagascar16,810 cases
Maldives11,232 cases
Mexico854,926 cases
Macedonia23,788 cases
Mali3,407 cases
Malta4,737 cases
Myanmar37,205 cases
Montenegro15,760 cases
Mongolia326 cases
Mozambique11,080 cases
Mauritania7,608 cases
Mauritius419 cases
Malawi5,860 cases
Malaysia21,363 cases
Namibia12,326 cases
Niger1,211 cases
Nigeria61,558 cases
Nicaragua5,353 cases
Netherlands235,954 cases
Norway16,456 cases
Nepal136,036 cases
New Zealand1,531 cases
Oman110,594 cases
Pakistan323,452 cases
Panama125,181 cases
Peru870,876 cases
Philippines359,169 cases
Papua New Guinea581 cases
Poland183,248 cases
Puerto Rico57,950 cases
Portugal101,860 cases
Paraguay55,452 cases
Palestine59,082 cases
French Polynesia3,797 cases
Qatar129,671 cases
Romania182,854 cases
Russia1,415,316 cases
Rwanda4,992 cases
Saudi Arabia342,583 cases
Sudan13,697 cases
Senegal15,432 cases
Singapore57,915 cases
Sierra Leone2,331 cases
El Salvador31,666 cases
San Marino766 cases
Somalia3,890 cases
Serbia36,282 cases
South Sudan2,847 cases
São Tomé and Príncipe933 cases
Suriname5,133 cases
Slovakia30,695 cases
Slovenia14,477 cases
Sweden103,200 cases
Swaziland5,788 cases
Sint Maarten756 cases
Seychelles149 cases
Syria5,134 cases
Turks and Caicos Islands698 cases
Chad1,390 cases
Togo2,071 cases
Thailand3,700 cases
Tajikistan10,533 cases
Trinidad and Tobago5,298 cases
Tunisia42,727 cases
Turkey349,519 cases
Taiwan540 cases
Tanzania509 cases
Uganda10,691 cases
Ukraine309,107 cases
Uruguay2,560 cases
United States8,214,755 cases
Uzbekistan63,737 cases
Venezuela86,636 cases
U.S. Virgin Islands1,336 cases
Vietnam1,140 cases
Kosovo17,009 cases
Yemen2,060 cases
South Africa705,254 cases
Zambia15,897 cases
Zimbabwe8,159 cases
World40,472,505 cases
International696 cases

How well are they doing?

Sudan is doing well in comparison to other countries.
Total cases 13,697
Avg new daily 2

Last 30 days infection rate

Sudan needs to keep the infection rate below 1.0 to control the outbreak
Current daily infection rate
Highest on Apr 22 10.14
Lowest on Sep 19 0.2

Government responses versus COVID-19 cases

Last updated 20 Oct 2020
Find out what policies Sudan has implemented to combat the pandemic.

13,697 total cases in Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020

6,097 active cases in Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020

6,764 recovered cases in Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020

836 death cases in Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020
Predicted death are based on China's case fatality rate

6.1% case fatality rate in Sudan

Last updated 20 Oct 2020

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