How can we win by taking effective action?

We can beat the virus together. It can be done in 5 weeks.

Recognise the virus is a real threat and its impact on our lives is something we can’t ignore.

Learn about the impact of our action or non-action. It all counts.

COVID-19 is a rapidly transmitting disease requiring hospitalization in about 20% of cases, ICU care in 10%, and resulting in death in 2-4%. We need to crush the curve and start today.

ICU care
Mild or asymptomatic cases

We all need to take action to eliminate the virus.

Lets crush the curve by taking effective action using these 9 guidelines.

1Get Everyone On Board

If nobody is onboard, no measurement will work. We need to double down together to beat this mindless virus. Let’s not be mindless too. Take action.
The virus spreads by people’s behaviour allowing it to
Any single infected person can ignite the virus’s rapid spread and get out of control
There are some people who do not believe the virus is real or dangerous
People need to be aligned together by consistent and reliable information
See why and how


Stay at home as much as you can. Keep people distanced and prevent contagious people spreading the viruses in public places. Help each other not get infected.
Some people don’t know they’re infected and spread it unwillingly
The less social activity, the less chance of the virus spreading from person to person
The virus infects others by people interacting with one another and also indirectly
Reducing crowded areas keeps the highly contagious virus out of the air and off surfaces
See why and how


The virus spreads easier indoors. Isolating the infected helps protect healthy people from being exposed to the virus. Keep apart so the virus can’t travel.
The virus spreads easier indoors so if unwell, isolation is important
Most transmission happens between family members in the same home
Isolating the infected helps protect healthy people from being exposed to the virus
Staying away from people helps kill off the virus because it can’t spread to others
See why and how

4Wear Masks

It’s an airborne and surface spread virus. Coughs, sneezes, breathing out all spread the virus. Masks block transmission when you’re in the same space. Mask up.
The coronavirus is a highly contagious and easily transmitted virus
It just takes one event where you’re accidentally exposed to the virus to become infected
It’s a cheap and highly effective method to reduce exposure to yourself and others
Face coverings limit how far and where the virus particles go in the environment
See why and how

5Restrict Travel

Respect travel restrictions to prevent new outbreaks, preserve existing progress, so to restore normal activities as soon as possible. Don’t let the virus in or out.
The further the virus spreads out the harder it is to trace where it came from
Containment of infected people keeps existing clean places free from the virus
Reducing places for people to go and do non-essential activities helps kill off the virus
Unsuspecting communities can quickly become overwhelmed by just one single infection
See why and how

6Protect Essential Services

We need to protect what makes everyday life remain functional. Companies providing essentials should do everything they can to reduce risk for all involved.
Everyday life needs to be maintained for the continuation of civil society to function
Reducing essential workers exposure to the virus means they can continue their service
Essential workers are more likely to be in at risk environments where the virus spreads
They have little choice in their situation and provide essential services for all of us
See why and how

7Continuous Widespread Testing

Ramp up testing. Get a test if unwell or suspect exposure. Knowing where the virus is gives us valuable information. Test often and as many people as possible.
The virus spreads silently and fast
Infections can double continuously and get out of hand quickly
More testing lets us all know where the virus is and where it’s growing the most
Testing allows us to design control measures to restrict the spread further
See why and how

8Be Healthy

Strengthen the immune system by hydrating, eating well, sleeping, exercising, and breathing fresh or filtered air. Don’t let your body and mind get weak. Stay strong.
The healthier we all are the better someone infected can fight off the virus
Maintaining physical and mental health allows people to be more positive in these times
The human body is where the virus makes its home and a strong body can defeat it
Our sense of wellbeing can impact how we feel about what is being enforced upon us
See why and how

9Support Medical Care

Make sure healthcare workers have access to facilities, equipment, and living essentials. Recognize their vital role and help them overcome ongoing challenges.
Healthcare workers are critical to our fight against the virus
They are exposed to the virus more than anyone else in this pandemic
Stress and overcapacity can quickly overwhelm facilities if an outbreak occurs
Being prepared before during and after a surge of infection can alleviate breakdown
See why and how

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