What is a casual contact?

Casual contact is defined as any person having less than 15 minutes face-to-face contact with a symptomatic confirmed case in any setting, or sharing a closed space with a symptomatic confirmed case for less than 2 hours.

This will include healthcare workers, other patients, or visitors who were in the same closed healthcare space as a case, but for shorter periods than those required for a close contact. Other closed settings might include schools or offices.

Other casual contacts may include:

  • Extended family groups, e.g. in an Aboriginal community.
  • Aircraft passengers who were not seated nearby a symptomatic confirmed case or a crewmember who did not work in the same cabin area as a symptomatic confirmed case.
  • Passengers and crew on-board the same cruise ship as a symptomatic confirmed case (or cases), who are not considered to be close contacts. See Special situations for further information.
Confirmed case definition
A person who tests positive to a validated specific SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test or has the virus identified by electron microscopy or viral culture, at a reference laboratory.
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