What is the COVID-19 situation in Brazil?

Situation overview for Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020
These are confirmed cases only. Actual infections may vary as testing regimes never track everyone.
Active 8.2%
Recoveries 88.9%
Death 3%
Data:Our World in Data..., Johns Hopkins...
Aruba3,963 cases
Afghanistan39,268 cases
Angola5,013 cases
Albania13,649 cases
Andorra2,050 cases
United Arab Emirates94,190 cases
Argentina750,988 cases
Armenia50,359 cases
Antigua and Barbuda101 cases
Australia27,063 cases
Austria45,753 cases
Azerbaijan40,229 cases
Burundi508 cases
Belgium118,358 cases
Benin2,357 cases
Caribbean Netherlands106 cases
Burkina Faso2,056 cases
Bangladesh363,479 cases
Bulgaria20,833 cases
Bahrain70,864 cases
Bahamas4,123 cases
Bosnia and Herzegovina27,465 cases
Belarus78,631 cases
Belize1,992 cases
Bermuda181 cases
Bolivia135,311 cases
Brazil4,810,935 cases
Barbados190 cases
Brunei146 cases
Bhutan282 cases
Botswana3,172 cases
Central African Republic4,829 cases
Canada158,758 cases
Switzerland53,162 cases
Chile462,991 cases
China90,528 cases
Côte d'Ivoire19,724 cases
Cameroon20,838 cases
Democratic Republic of the Congo10,659 cases
Republic of the Congo5,089 cases
Colombia829,679 cases
Comoros479 cases
Cape Verde6,024 cases
Costa Rica75,760 cases
Cuba5,597 cases
Curacao392 cases
Cayman Islands211 cases
Cyprus1,755 cases
Czechia68,919 cases
Germany291,722 cases
Djibouti5,416 cases
Denmark27,998 cases
Dominican Republic112,209 cases
Algeria51,530 cases
Ecuador137,047 cases
Egypt103,198 cases
Eritrea375 cases
Western Sahara766 cases
Spain769,188 cases
Estonia3,371 cases
Ethiopia75,368 cases
Finland9,992 cases
France563,535 cases
Faroe Islands467 cases
Gabon8,766 cases
United Kingdom453,264 cases
Georgia6,640 cases
Guernsey256 cases
Ghana46,656 cases
Gibraltar396 cases
Guinea10,652 cases
Gambia3,579 cases
Guinea-Bissau2,324 cases
Equatorial Guinea5,030 cases
Greece18,475 cases
Guatemala91,746 cases
Guam2,443 cases
Guyana2,894 cases
Honduras76,900 cases
Croatia16,593 cases
Haiti8,766 cases
Hungary27,309 cases
Indonesia287,008 cases
Isle of Man340 cases
India6,312,584 cases
Ireland36,155 cases
Iran457,219 cases
Iraq362,981 cases
Iceland2,728 cases
Israel248,133 cases
Italy314,861 cases
Jamaica6,462 cases
Jersey414 cases
Jordan11,825 cases
Japan83,010 cases
Kazakhstan140,958 cases
Kenya38,529 cases
Kyrgyzstan46,841 cases
Cambodia277 cases
South Korea23,812 cases
Kuwait105,182 cases
Lebanon39,634 cases
Liberia1,343 cases
Libya34,525 cases
Liechtenstein120 cases
Sri Lanka3,380 cases
Lesotho1,595 cases
Lithuania4,693 cases
Luxembourg8,509 cases
Latvia1,824 cases
Morocco123,653 cases
Monaco218 cases
Moldova53,042 cases
Madagascar16,408 cases
Maldives10,291 cases
Mexico743,216 cases
Macedonia17,977 cases
Mali3,118 cases
Malta3,058 cases
Myanmar13,373 cases
Montenegro10,772 cases
Mongolia313 cases
Mozambique8,728 cases
Mauritania7,488 cases
Mauritius381 cases
Malawi5,773 cases
Malaysia11,135 cases
Namibia11,265 cases
Niger1,197 cases
Nigeria58,848 cases
Nicaragua5,086 cases
Netherlands120,713 cases
Norway13,914 cases
Nepal77,817 cases
New Zealand1,480 cases
Oman98,585 cases
Pakistan312,806 cases
Panama112,595 cases
Peru814,829 cases
Philippines309,303 cases
Papua New Guinea534 cases
Poland91,514 cases
Puerto Rico48,755 cases
Portugal75,542 cases
Paraguay40,758 cases
Palestine50,541 cases
French Polynesia1,666 cases
Qatar125,760 cases
Romania127,572 cases
Russia1,176,286 cases
Rwanda4,840 cases
Saudi Arabia334,605 cases
Sudan13,640 cases
Senegal14,982 cases
Singapore57,742 cases
Sierra Leone2,231 cases
El Salvador29,077 cases
San Marino749 cases
Somalia3,588 cases
Serbia33,551 cases
South Sudan2,704 cases
São Tomé and Príncipe911 cases
Suriname4,877 cases
Slovakia10,141 cases
Slovenia5,690 cases
Sweden92,863 cases
Swaziland5,482 cases
Sint Maarten667 cases
Seychelles144 cases
Syria4,200 cases
Turks and Caicos Islands689 cases
Chad1,200 cases
Togo1,784 cases
Thailand3,569 cases
Tajikistan9,769 cases
Trinidad and Tobago4,531 cases
Tunisia18,413 cases
Turkey318,663 cases
Taiwan514 cases
Tanzania509 cases
Uganda8,129 cases
Ukraine208,959 cases
Uruguay2,046 cases
United States7,233,043 cases
Uzbekistan56,997 cases
Venezuela75,122 cases
U.S. Virgin Islands1,318 cases
Vietnam1,094 cases
Kosovo15,620 cases
Yemen2,035 cases
South Africa674,339 cases
Zambia14,759 cases
Zimbabwe7,838 cases
World34,029,923 cases
International696 cases

How well are they doing?

Brazil is not doing well in comparison to other countries.
Total cases 4.81m
Avg new daily 23,236

Last 30 days infection rate

Brazil needs to keep the infection rate below 1.0 to control the outbreak
Current daily infection rate
Highest on Mar 14 9.95
Lowest on Sep 9 0.66

Government responses versus COVID-19 cases

Last updated 01 Oct 2020
Find out what policies Brazil has implemented to combat the pandemic.

4,810,935 total cases in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020

392,209 active cases in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020

4,274,774 recovered cases in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020

6,421,441 tests performed in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020

143,952 death cases in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020
Predicted death are based on China's case fatality rate

2.99% case fatality rate in Brazil

Last updated 01 Oct 2020

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