What’s going on with the pandemic?

Afghanistan176,039 cases
Africa11,428,965 cases
Albania272,621 cases
Algeria265,410 cases
Andorra38,794 cases
Angola98,909 cases
Anguilla2,574 cases
Antigua and Barbuda7,466 cases
Argentina8,970,196 cases
Armenia421,953 cases
Aruba33,796 cases
Asia126,134,246 cases
Australia3,596,466 cases
Austria3,115,867 cases
Azerbaijan790,575 cases
Bahamas33,194 cases
Bahrain536,241 cases
Bangladesh1,949,253 cases
Barbados56,922 cases
Belarus939,514 cases
Belgium3,640,052 cases
Belize57,034 cases
Benin26,575 cases
Bermuda11,850 cases
Bhutan17,150 cases
Bolivia897,351 cases
Caribbean Netherlands7,633 cases
Bosnia and Herzegovina373,105 cases
Botswana263,950 cases
Brazil29,361,024 cases
British Virgin Islands6,091 cases
Brunei109,538 cases
Bulgaria1,112,176 cases
Burkina Faso20,751 cases
Burundi38,248 cases
Cambodia133,943 cases
Cameroon119,322 cases
Canada3,371,194 cases
Cape Verde55,906 cases
Cayman Islands19,811 cases
Central African Republic14,320 cases
Chad7,260 cases
Chile3,249,890 cases
China113,866 cases
Colombia6,076,333 cases
Comoros8,060 cases
Republic of the Congo24,049 cases
Cook Islands2 cases
Costa Rica822,935 cases
Côte d'Ivoire81,594 cases
Croatia1,072,430 cases
Cuba1,076,229 cases
Curacao39,459 cases
Cyprus350,688 cases
Czechia3,678,771 cases
Democratic Republic of the Congo86,315 cases
Denmark2,943,947 cases
Djibouti15,564 cases
Dominica11,502 cases
Dominican Republic576,367 cases
Ecuador843,760 cases
Egypt495,373 cases
El Salvador156,364 cases
Equatorial Guinea15,895 cases
Eritrea9,721 cases
Estonia529,793 cases
Eswatini69,429 cases
Ethiopia469,170 cases
Europe166,138,102 cases
European Union114,945,153 cases
Faroe Islands34,658 cases
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)118 cases
Fiji64,067 cases
Finland734,262 cases
France23,434,047 cases
French Polynesia70,158 cases
Gabon47,564 cases
Gambia11,963 cases
Georgia1,634,686 cases
Germany17,198,365 cases
Ghana160,693 cases
Gibraltar15,938 cases
Greece2,623,628 cases
Greenland11,856 cases
Grenada13,690 cases
Guatemala804,709 cases
Guinea36,427 cases
Guinea-Bissau8,050 cases
Guyana63,127 cases
Haiti30,446 cases
High income248,063,234 cases
Honduras416,729 cases
Hong Kong610,300 cases
Hungary1,814,362 cases
Iceland158,533 cases
India42,990,991 cases
Indonesia5,878,910 cases
International721 cases
Iran7,119,763 cases
Iraq2,312,292 cases
Ireland1,341,826 cases
Isle of Man24,346 cases
Israel3,712,880 cases
Italy13,323,179 cases
Jamaica128,354 cases
Japan5,721,856 cases
Jordan1,654,677 cases
Kazakhstan1,392,812 cases
Kenya323,171 cases
Kiribati3,022 cases
Kosovo226,845 cases
Kuwait625,461 cases
Kyrgyzstan200,720 cases
Laos145,934 cases
Latvia739,609 cases
Lebanon1,084,114 cases
Lesotho32,716 cases
Liberia7,392 cases
Libya499,767 cases
Liechtenstein14,025 cases
Lithuania959,305 cases
Low income1,809,250 cases
Lower middle income85,246,473 cases
Luxembourg191,964 cases
Macao82 cases
Madagascar63,870 cases
Malawi85,495 cases
Malaysia3,801,036 cases
Maldives174,367 cases
Mali30,414 cases
Malta72,687 cases
Marshall Islands7 cases
Mauritania58,657 cases
Mauritius181,362 cases
Mexico5,605,636 cases
Micronesia (country)1 cases
Moldova507,599 cases
Monaco9,777 cases
Mongolia914,536 cases
Montenegro231,488 cases
Montserrat166 cases
Morocco1,162,040 cases
Mozambique225,173 cases
Myanmar604,860 cases
Namibia157,383 cases
Nepal977,878 cases
Netherlands7,209,582 cases
New Caledonia59,299 cases
New Zealand362,109 cases
Nicaragua18,203 cases
Niger8,781 cases
Nigeria254,953 cases
North America93,773,520 cases
North Macedonia301,293 cases
Norway1,349,971 cases
Oceania4,211,276 cases
Oman386,003 cases
Pakistan1,518,692 cases
Palau3,899 cases
Palestine653,293 cases
Panama759,224 cases
Papua New Guinea41,533 cases
Paraguay645,768 cases
Peru3,535,726 cases
Philippines3,670,177 cases
Poland5,811,109 cases
Portugal3,380,263 cases
Qatar359,028 cases
Romania2,790,368 cases
Russia17,040,721 cases
Rwanda129,596 cases
Saint Helena4 cases
Saint Kitts and Nevis5,540 cases
Saint Lucia22,833 cases
Saint Pierre and Miquelon1,316 cases
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines8,323 cases
Samoa48 cases
San Marino14,691 cases
São Tomé and Príncipe5,939 cases
Saudi Arabia748,624 cases
Senegal85,785 cases
Serbia1,939,150 cases
Seychelles39,605 cases
Sierra Leone7,667 cases
Singapore929,735 cases
Slovakia2,269,610 cases
Slovenia916,712 cases
Solomon Islands8,491 cases
Somalia26,400 cases
South Africa3,693,532 cases
South America55,103,411 cases
South Korea6,556,453 cases
South Sudan17,051 cases
Spain11,223,974 cases
Sri Lanka655,730 cases
Sudan61,655 cases
Suriname78,754 cases
Sweden2,466,577 cases
Switzerland3,072,758 cases
Syria55,329 cases
Taiwan21,225 cases
Tajikistan17,786 cases
Tanzania33,726 cases
Thailand3,161,241 cases
Timor-Leste22,789 cases
Togo36,850 cases
Tonga1,513 cases
Trinidad and Tobago132,708 cases
Tunisia1,028,717 cases
Turkey14,534,239 cases
Turks and Caicos Islands5,874 cases
Uganda163,529 cases
Ukraine5,040,518 cases
United Arab Emirates885,089 cases
United Kingdom19,586,575 cases
United States79,517,492 cases
Upper middle income121,658,267 cases
Uruguay863,365 cases
Uzbekistan237,169 cases
Vanuatu207 cases
Vatican29 cases
Venezuela517,999 cases
Vietnam5,903,147 cases
Wallis and Futuna454 cases
World456,790,241 cases
Yemen11,784 cases
Zambia315,148 cases
Zimbabwe242,069 cases

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