Shouldn’t we just follow WHO’s facemask guidelines?

88% of the world’s population lives in countries where the disease experts and government leaders recommend/mandate masks and disagree with the WHO.

Why does the world disagree with the World Health Organization about masks? 

The WHO "recommends those infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus to wear masks to prevent spreading it to someone else."

And the WHO agrees with the U.S. CDC (and the rest of the world) that people who are non-symptomatic and infected can spread the virus.

The WHO also recommends public mask usage during high-severity influenza pandemics – just not during this Coronavirus pandemic.

So it follows very basic logic that if we don’t know who is infected (because of asymptomatic cases) and the WHO agrees that anyone who is infected needs to wear a mask, then we should all wear masks.

Hopefully, WHO will update their guidelines to be clearer in the future. Their most recent guidelines say that "WHO is collaborating with research and development partners to better understand the effectiveness and efficiency of nonmedical masks. WHO is also strongly encouraging countries that issue recommendations for the use of masks in healthy people in the community to conduct research on this critical topic. WHO will update its guidance when new evidence becomes available."

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