Why should we all wear face masks?

My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.

One of the most effective actions you can take is to wear a mask whenever around people.
Mask stops transmission
Let’s all wear masks consistently to keep each other safe
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Why Masks Work BETTER Than You'd Think

This video is about how masks (whether surgical, or N95, or cloth) are counterintuitive and actually work much better epidemiologically than one might expect. Masks do double-duty, and the fraction of interactions with masks is much higher than the fraction of people wearing masks, so partially adopted, partially effective masks are able to reduce the basic reproduction number surprisingly well.

Case study

Two hair stylists that were COVID-19 carriers, wore face masks while working with their 139 clients, who also wore face coverings, and subsequently avoided virus transmission.

COVID-19 Carrier Hairstylists wore facemasks along with their 139 clients and avoided transmission.

Among 139 clients exposed to two symptomatic hair stylists with confirmed COVID-19 while both the stylists and the clients wore face masks, no symptomatic secondary cases were reported; among 67 clients tested for SARS-CoV-2, all test results were negative.

Adherence to the community’s and company’s face-covering policy likely mitigated spread of SARS-CoV-2.
How face coverings and masks minimise spreading coronavirus.

Any reasonable type of face mask or covering is better than none.

People were filmed and photographed coughing and sneezing to find out.

Compared were no mask, with two different types of cloth masks made from DIY templates provided online and a three-layered surgical mask.

How face coverings and masks minimise spreading coronavirus

Video comparison of three kinds of masks vs unmasked protection while talking, coughing and sneezing.

Anyone without a mask puts you and your family at risk.

Anyone not wearing a cloth mask in public puts everyone at risk of getting infected and they hurt our economy by increasing the chances of a second lockdown.

Why? The U.S. CDC and most experts agree that many infected and contagious people don’t know they’re sick because they don’t have symptoms.

Wearing a mask significantly reduces the chances of spreading COVID-19 from you to others.

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